Legislative Advocacy

The Boston New Sanctuary Movement is a member organization of both the Massachusetts Trust Act Coalition and the state Safe Driving Coalition. With your help, immigrants and advocates can pass both these bills this legislative session!

May 7 Trust Act rally

Safe Driving Bill (H.2985)

For many Massachusetts residents, there is currently no path to comply with our driving laws. In Massachusetts, many residents are ineligible for driver’s licenses solely because of immigration status. An applicant for a driver’s license or learner’s permit in Massachusetts must provide a Social Security Number (SSN) or acceptable immigration visa code, which only some documented immigrants possess. Yet, most families continue to need to drive – to take children to school or doctor’s appointments, buy groceries or large items that cannot be transported on foot, and perform other tasks requiring transportation. By removing immigration status as a barrier to applying for a license or learner’s permit, the Safe Driving bill would allow all MA residents to become trained, licensed and insured — making our roads safer for every driver.
Safe Driving Bill factsheet

TRUST Act (H.1228/S.1258)

The MA Trust Act (Sen. Eldridge and Rep. Carvalho) would ensure a clear line between the roles of federal immigration enforcement and local public safety officials in Massachusetts. Federal programs, like the failed Secure Communities deportation program (known as S-Comm, and recently re-branded as “PEP”), have blurred the line between local law enforcement and the broken immigration system. This has contributed to a crisis of trust between immigrant communities and the local police.
MA TRUST Act factsheet

Take Action!

Dear [Senator/Representative],

Many of the world’s religious traditions share the teaching that we human beings are all created in one image and are beloved by our Creator. Rooted in this teaching, we are further instructed to care for our kin who are most vulnerable among us, including strangers in the land, for they too are beloved of our Creator.
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